We are IICRC trained and certified in carpet cleaning and repair.


There is no charge for estimates. Berwick Services will estimate pricing for carpet and furniture cleaning over the phone – 740-817-1227. We estimate carpet cleaning based on 2250 square foot home within approximately 15 miles of Granville. Services over that range are pro-rated.

For repairs, estimates must be completed on site – no quotes over the phone for repairs.

Any changes in price will be given before work is begun. Only written estimates will be considered accurate. Estimates over the phone or by emails and texts are open to adjustments.

We gladly accept your check or cash for payment at time of services.


Cleaning for carpet and furniture.

Berwick Services uses wet, dry and spot cleaning methods for carpet and furniture cleaning. We use Bridgepoint Cleaning Solutions – the best in the industry. But each job is unique – we will use the best products for the job.

Berwick Services Bridgepoint Carpet Cleaning
Olefin (commercial carpet) heavy traffic soiling.
Removed using hot cleaning solution with degreasers and boosters added, cleaned.
Olefin (commercial carpet) stairs heavy traffic soiling.
Removed using hot cleaning solution with degreasers and boosters added, cleaned.

Unknown animal urine.
Removed using 4 step spot removal procedure, then cleaned.

Heavy chair arm soiling.
Removed with water based cleaning (pre-tested for water use, bleed & shrinkage).

White carpet with unknown black marks, animal stains and wood furniture stain.
4 step spot removal procedure, then cleaned.
Wet and dry cleaning methods for carpet and furniture both have advantages and disadvantages and the type used depends on several variables and the customer’s preferences.
Hawk Enterprises Carpet Cleaning
Berwick Services offers a range of cleaning services that compliment the basic cleaning processes:
• spot treatment and stain removal
• protectants
• odor neutralizer
• vehicle interior upholstery cleaning
• some leather furniture cleaning and conditioning
US Products Pro Berwick Carpet Cleaning

Repairs to carpets that are:

  • Buckling or rippling
  • Seam separating
  • Transition strip damaged
  • Torn, burned or delaminated